About FullSpektrum®Where education meets innovation and inclusion

As a digital solutions powerhouse, we’re on a mission to unlock the diverse potential within every mind.

Founded by a dynamic team of educators and technologists, we use advanced analytics, AI, and personalised platforms to bridge gaps for neurodivergent learners.

Inspired by our Founder & CEO André Skepple, a community champion for neuroinclusivity, we celebrate triumphs over adversity, weaving diverse narratives into our transformative person-centred educational ecosystem.

FullSpektrum® isn’t just redefining learning; it’s rewriting the story of empowerment, one unique mind at a time. Join us in reshaping the narrative of education, where innovation meets inclusion, and every learner is celebrated for their distinct brilliance.

Welcome to FullSpektrum®—Where Technology Supports Brilliance in Every Learner.

Our MissionEveryone is empowered to shine.

At FullSpektrum®, we harness the cutting-edge capabilities of artificial intelligence (AI), blockchain, and integrated cloud technologies to pioneer inclusive and hyper-personalised support services for learners with neurodevelopmental conditions.

Our mission is vibrant and clear:

We are dedicated to empowering every neurodivergent learner to not only succeed but to thrive and reach their maximum potential in education, employment, and overall well-being.

At FullSpektrum®, we’re not just redefining support; we’re revolutionising the educational landscape, ensuring that every learner’s journey is a celebration of individual brilliance and achievement. We want to unlock the full spectrum of possibilities for every learner.

Our Approach


FullSpektrum® begins by deeply understanding the individual cognitive profiles and unique needs of all learners with neurodevelopmental conditions. This step involves comprehensive assessments and analysis, ensuring a foundation rooted in accurate insights.


With a solid understanding in place, FullSpektrum® innovates tailored digital solutions using advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence. The goal is to create technology solutions that go beyond conventional approaches, addressing specific challenges faced by neurodiverse learners.


FullSpektrum® focuses on seamless integration of personalised learning platforms into educational settings. This step involves collaboration with educators and institutions, ensuring that the technology becomes an integral part of the learning ecosystem, fostering neuroinclusion.


The ultimate goal of FullSpektrum’s approach is to empower neurodivergent learners. This step involves ongoing optimisation and support to maximise the effectiveness of the technology solutions, providing continuous empowerment and ensuring that individuals can unlock their full potential.

Our Team


André Skepple

Founder & Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Neuroinclusion visionary and thought-leader within DE&I, EdTech entrepreneurship, and now policy advocacy and lobbying experiences within UK Parliament for national SEND reform.


Malcolm Scott Maxwell


A 35-year technology veteran in AI, Web3/blockchain, games design and multi-platform development, with world-class C-suite experiences in public-listed software companies within the UK and North America. Advisor of some of the World’s leading AI companies.


Tiffany McArthur-Channer

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

An experienced Frontend Software Developer specialising in immersive technologies and UI/UX design. With a knack for creating visually appealing and user-centric interfaces, Tiffany delivers seamless digital experiences that captivate all users.


Sam Lawson

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

An accomplished marketing specialist with a flexible approach and proven track record in delivering consistent results through very effective design & marketing strategies.


Ian Walton

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

35-year experience in teaching and accountancy, delivering outstanding results through strategic financial planning, and a deep understanding of trending market projections, in addition to tax-efficient admin.


Yomi Colledge

Platform Engineering Lead

With specialised expertise in Ruby Backend development, Yomi brings robust coding skills and a passion for creating efficient and scalable server-side solutions, ensuring seamless functionality in every project.

Our Products

FS:One™ is our suite of AI-powered digital support solutions for neurodevelopmental conditions and aims to significantly impact the lives of neurodivergent children, young people and adults with regards to their education, employment and wellbeing.

Neurou is a versatile AI product with integrated and standalone applications. It collects data for neural networks, serving parents, students, teachers, and professionals. The standalone app offers factual health and wellness information for all users, evolving over time.

The Ooja Case Management System presents a holistic and efficient solution for educational support and professional case management. Distinguished by its dual-faceted design, the platform comprises two essential functions working seamlessly to enhance overall functionality.

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